Creating opportunities through online networks

You want to stand out from the crowd, right? Then let us help you. Here at Social Progress we specialise in social media set up, training, coaching and consulting with a particular passion for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Working with us is simple. You tell us what you want to achieve and we will find the best way to help you succeed.

We can work with you in various ways, from individual tailored support to group training seminars, we don’t mind. Our aim is for you to be amazing online – and get the results you want.


What is Social Media?

Social media is best understood as a group of new kinds of online media, which share most or all of the following characteristics:

Social media encourages contributions and feedback from everyone who is interested. It blurs the line between media and audience.

Most social media services are open to feedback and participation. They encourage voting, comments and the sharing of information. There are rarely any barriers to accessing and making use of content – password-protected content is frowned on.

Whereas traditional media is about “broadcast” (content transmitted or distributed to an audience) social media is better seen as a two-way conversation.

Social media allows communities to form quickly and communicate effectively.

Communities share common interests, such as a love of photography, a political issue or a favourite TV show.

Most kinds of social media thrive on their connectedness, making use of links to other sites, resources and people.

Ways we can help:

  • Develop social media strategies that work
  • Setting up online
  • Build relationships & online presence
  • Break into new markets
  • Generate sales leads
  • Improve your online profile
  • Find a new job

We like to think we’ve taken the rocket out of the social media science to help make your life that little bit easier.