As social media advances, so does the capability of being able to capture photos and video footage from new heights and different angles. Drones now allow us to take photos and videos that we once could have only dreamed of. Hollywood production costs have adjusted; hiring a helicopter, setting up a rig and reproducing a shot over and over to the tune of millions is no longer necessary. Drones are now so compact, that you can virtually get one in your pocket and capture UHD video quality footage and images from anywhere you go.

With this in mind, this can now be more budget friendly and is more accessible to the masses. Social Progress are pleased to be able to offer an aerial service. If you would like photography or video footage to promote your business, we would be glad to help. Luis is our fully approved CAA pilot with a PfCO license and has very good experience in drone handling use and post production knowledge.

Take your social media and website to the next level with Social Progress’ aerial photography and videography services. To find out more, give us a call on 01484 506336 or drop us a line on