Did you know that we can deliver tailored social media training at your office? Tailored training includes 1-to-1 Person Training Sessions, 1-to-2 People Training Sessions and In-house Workshops.

Social Progress Ltd - Social Media Training - Huddersfield - West YorkshireSocial Progress Ltd - Social Media Training - Huddersfield - West Yorkshire

Our interactive In-house Training Workshops are suitable for groups of 3-12 people and can cover a range of social media topics and the individual social media platforms as well. In-house training works well due to the interactive presentation format we follow. We can adapt the content of the presentation to suit, making it much more relevant and effective for you and your business.

We have already delivered In-house Social Media Training Workshops for a range of clients across the United Kingdom and can come to your premises to maximise your time and budget.

Social Progress Ltd - Social Media Training - Huddersfield - West Yorkshire


Half-Day Workshops: from £450 +VAT (up to 12 people)

Full-Day Workshops: from £850 +VAT (up to 12 people)

Please note: Additional travel costs may apply for training located outside of the Social Progress office.

How to Book Training with Social Progress

If In-house Training sounds good to you, simply drop us an email to info@socialprogress.co.uk or give the SoPro Team a call on 01484 506336 to chat about potential social media training and to book a date in the dairy.

You can download our Training Catalogue here: Social Media Training Catalogue

Why choose In-house Training Workshops you might ask?

Social media should now be part of every business’s marketing strategy and each member of staff in your business has something to bring to the social media table. Social media shouldn’t be left to one individual but everyone should be on board including your employees.

We often deliver In-house Training for companies who want their employees to be inspired and encouraged to use social media to build the brand and extend the digital reach of their business. If this is the case, then the employees must represent the business appropriately both in person and online! For example, both SoProJanet and SoProEsther‘s online presence represents Social Progress and therefore their activity raises awareness of the Social Progress brand. Is it time to train up the team and get everyone clued up and on the same page?

We also appreciate that it’s not always easy to leave the office (even just for a few hours!) So In-house Training can be a great way of ensuring you’re being trained up without having to leave the office. No travel time necessary! If you have a room to fit everyone in, with a projector screen and internet connection, we can come to you (travel costs may apply). Alternatively we can host training at our office in Honley, Huddersfield for up to 6 people (after all, you may want a change of scenery!)

Social Progress Ltd - Social Media Training - Huddersfield - West Yorkshire

The types of company/organisations we work with include:

Large Corporate Businesses and SMEs

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes & industries from national hotel chains to engineering firms, bio-chemical plants to creative organisations and design agencies.

By working with you to create a bespoke training session we can:

  • Personalise the delivery according to skill level
  • Look at how we can incorporate the platforms into current projects
  • Create specific training resources for each delegate
  • Be flexible with dates and times
  • Get the best from your teams and encourage openness in the sessions
  • Provide a full evaluation to ensure objectives are met

Whether you’re looking for individual or group training sessions, we ensure that all training is tailored to you to ensure you get the most out of the time you spend learning with us!

Marketing Departments

We will spend a half day, full day (or longer usually…) with the marketing specialist and answer every question they might have (for example: “which social media platforms should I be on?”, “how often should I post?”, “which are the best tools to use for social media” etc etc).

Trust us, we’ve been asked them all. And there is NO such things as a “stupid question”! We can even help you to put all of your social media accounts onto one dashboard (Hootsuite) so you don’t spend hours updating each of them if you so wish. And we can show you how to measure each social media platform effectively to demonstrate that all important return on investment. Call it continuous professional development, there’s no shame in that.

Marketing teams these days are expected to know much more than just marketing! Social media is a vital PART of strategic marketing and is often left to the marketing department to figure out for themselves – and they’re expected to just get on with it! But that’s a bit like giving someone who can drive a car a bus to drive and expecting then to be able to ‘just do it’ – it’s not quite so simple.  We can help! We work really well with marketeers and marketing departments to help them get to grips with social media strategy and planning. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know!

Schools, Academies and Colleges

We have worked with a variety of students across Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax & Barnsley to show them how online social media can help promote individuals and raise their profiles. Lots of people forget that their online / digital presence can still be visible to a wider audience and can often be an area where people “let their guard down”. Whether you’re a student looking for a job or a school or college looking to train up students about social media awareness, we can deliver training to suit.

Simply tell us how long we‘ve got to get the message across, what you’d like to focus on and we will come along to deliver the session to your specification. One of our most recent sessions looked like this:

  • Showing how social media can be both good and bad when job hunting
  • What prospective employers will be looking for and how you can impress them
  • Top tips for enjoying social media whilst preserving your employment options
  • Ideas for using social media to find for jobs
  • Linking your CV with your online profile
  • How it can give you a cutting edge when it comes to the jobs market
  • Networking and how it can lead to the opportunities

Universities & Young Enterprise

We’ve also worked with University departments & various youth enterprise teams to contribute to specific learning modules. In the past couple of years we‘ve worked with postgraduate/mature students at Leeds University who were about to set up their new businesses. We delivered a couple of sessions on how each of the social media platforms can benefit new business owners.

We’ve also worked with young people who were looking to start their own business through Enterprising Young People Barnsley and the Kirklees Youth Enterprise Centre. We talked through their ideas and explained which social media platform/s would work best for their business and why.

Social Progress Ltd - Social Media Training - Huddersfield - West Yorkshire