Having a strategy for your social media allows you to be more efficient, focussed and effective with your time and posts. Rather than telling everybody about anything or everything online may not be the way to grow or engage with your audience. So if you have found that you may have done this in the past, it could be the right time to speak to Social Progress.

Social Progress will work with your business with a minimum of a 2 hour strategy meeting which allows us to understand the core ‘why’ of your reason to be online. We delve into the story behind your business, your journey, your audience and even your tone of voice. Taking a look at your website as well as your existing platforms allow us to ask you questions which you may not have considered before.

All of the information collated in a strategy meeting is given to you in a ‘strategy pack’ which is your starting point for growing your social media. This process can either be offered on its own, as part of a training package or for Social Progress to use when we manage your social media. It’s a point of reference for you to look upon and understand what you’re trying to achieve online.