Do you have an existing social media presence? Is your Facebook Page / Twitter Account / Google Plus Page / LinkedIn Profile optimised to it’s full potential and is your company represented correctly online? Are you and/or your business being found on social media and in a Google Search for the right reasons?

Social Progress Ltd - Social Media Training - Huddersfield - West YorkshireSocial Progress Ltd - Social Media Training - Huddersfield - West Yorkshire

If you’d like to get to grips with social media or even develop and improve the knowledge you already have, we have training suitable for you! We try our best to tailor the training we deliver to the requirements and skill-level of the individuals and companies represented. 1-to-1 Person Tailored Training Sessions (and 1-to-2 People Sessions) are a great opportunity to grips with social media for yourself. We’ll have you shining online and achieving your goals in no time.

Don’t just take our word for it though – have a read of what our previous clients thought on our Testimonials Page.

Some of the reasons you might like to have private training sessions could be:

  • You need to think strategically about your social media but don’t know where to begin – worksheets included
  • You have all your social media platforms up and running but they’re just not working as they should
  • How to use Facebook for Business
  • How to use Twitter for Business
  • How to use Google Plus for Business
  • Learn about Facebook Ads, Sponsored Posts & Social Media Marketing
  • You simply don’t want to learn in a group format and would prefer personal tuition
  • You’re just starting up in business, you have your business idea and a business plan but then how to put it into practice
  • Optimising your LinkedIn Profile and/or LinkedIn Company Page
  • You’re in work but are looking to progress up the career ladder and want to use LinkedIn to get to the next level
  • Sadly you’ve been made redundant and are looking to use LinkedIn to find a new job


1-to-1 Person Social Media Training Sessions [£160 +VAT per 2 hour Session]
If you are looking for training where the focus is solely on yourself and your business, then a 2 hour 1-to-1 session is the option for you. These sessions are totally at your own pace and are practical so that you can “learn whilst doing”. Tailored 121 Sessions will help you to get your social media looking top-notch and ensure you’re being found on there for the right reasons. Making a few small changes really does make a world of difference. Make your social media work for you! Sessions can be located at Social Progress HQ in Honley, Huddersfield or at your office*

1-to-2 People Social Media Training Sessions [£240 +VAT per 2 hour Session]
We can also facilitate training for 2 people if required, no problem! Please note that 3+ People is classed as an In-house Workshop. Sessions can be located at Social Progress HQ in Honley, Huddersfield or at your office*

* Travel costs may apply

A 2 hour session is a great way to either top up your skills or start your journey to being a social media whizz! We recommend sessions are no longer than 2 hours each to ensure that you get the most out of the training (after all, there’s only so much information you can retain in one go!) If after your session you feel you require further support or training, you’re welcome to book another 2 hour training session  to cover a different social media platform or social media topic or even to solidify the training you’ve already completed. We’re happy to take it steady and simply meet you where you’re at on your social media journey.

Social Progress Ltd - Social Media Training - Huddersfield - West Yorkshire


Call or email us for a brief chat – every person’s needs are different. We need to know your current understanding, your level of ‘online savvyness’ and preferred learning style before we can recommend what support would work best for you. It could be covered in one short sharp session or it could be that you need a few sessions over a period of time.

We’ve had plenty of experience in working out what’s best for our clients so why not give us a call on 01484 506336 or drop us an email to today to see how we can help.

And don’t worry if you’re miles & miles away, there’s always Skype and screen sharing – it works perfectly fine!

It really is that simple. Talk to you soon?