So here’s the thing, we recognise and identify that video marketing is extremely powerful in the digital and world. Think about it, what stops you in your tracks when browsing online? Is it text, images or videos? Probably a combination but by far video will get top trumped by text or images most times.

We found out that what stops people using video in their marketing messages were two things:

  1. Not having a big enough budget to get a bespoke video made
  2. Lack of skills to make your own video

So this is where Right Now Video comes in.

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Right Now Video - Video Marketing

Right Now Video is the bit in the middle. Ready made videos that you can select, change the text, add your logo and contact details and within 3 days you’ll have a fully branded video just for you for as little as £99!

We set up Right Now Video for digital marketers, social media consultants, web developers and small businesses who want to use video for marketing. It was created with two other partners, Darren Cox, video maker and marketer & Adam Welsh of Fallen Leaf Web Design.

The idea behind it was to make something easy and affordable when it comes to creating videos for yourself or your clients. It has an affiliate scheme attached to it to help you generate an income from the videos you create or your clients create. Right Now Video can also generate a revenue stream for video makers who can submit a video to appear on the site and earn an income each time someone selects and uses your video.

Give it a go now and see how the powerful medium of video marketing can help you generate new customers through social media, website or e-newsletter campaigns.

Right Now Video