Social Media platforms are a fantastic for business! Why? Because they can help connect the company to the customer. When someone “likes” or “follows” something or someone, it indicates that they are interested in keeping up-to date with products as well as the general goings-on with the business. Social media brings you closer to your audience and allows you to connect with them on a more personable level.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest are all free to join/set up. Each of the platforms have different purposes, pros and cons for using them and once you pin-point which are the best for YOUR business, then you can crack on with making them work for you. Each social media platform wants you to use their site and help you get in front of your chosen audience. They are a very sociable bunch, like us, you see?

“This all sounds great – what’s the catch?”

Well, like your business needs to make money, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest etc wants to make money too! Social media advertising is being introduced to most platforms and has been around for a while already. Paid advertising helps to pin-point your target audience and get your products/posts/promotions in front of the other platform users you want to target.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram all have paid advertising options and Pinterest advertising is on it’s way to UK users! Although advertising is currently a choice, Facebook is notorious for restricting the organic reach (where you don’t pay for advertising) of “posts” from Business Pages on their site. Yes it’s still important to be on there (people will be looking for you) but be aware that if you’re focussing primarily on Facebook, they’ll want you to pay for the results!

Different social media platforms have different advertising options, tools and budgets which can sometimes get confusing. So if you’re unsure about the new waters of social media advertising, we can help you to navigate the deep unknown; pin-pointing your target audience and help you to work out the best course of action to reach your chosen audience.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with social media advertising for your business, do get in touch!