We’re pleased to announce that we will be delivering a number of part funded social media workshops during 2013 costing delegates just £15 per workshop. There will be 2 x 6 hour workshops (1) Blogging & LinkedIn (2) Facebook & Twitter Each workshop will be a full day with registration at 9:00am for a 9:30am […]Continue Reading


Whether you are just starting up in business or your business is well established, if you are not already a member of a business network there are many benefits in joining. Becoming a member of a general or specialist network can really help you to develop a successful business. This fact sheet has been designed […]Continue Reading


We had an issue on our own website (built in WordPress) when mysteriously our Twitter Feed stopped working and remained stuck on ‘Loading…’ A very frustrating thing to deal with but when approached logically our web partner assessed the site first asking – Has anything else been changed or updated on the back end? (code […]Continue Reading


The word blog is derived from ‘web log’ and is basically an online journal or diary if you will. Weblog was first used by Jom Barger in 1997  then shortened to blog by Peter Merholz who jokingly broke the words down to “we blog” and then the term “blogging” was created by Pyra Labs. A […]Continue Reading


With 2013 just around the corner hopefully your thoughts are turning to what you’re going to achieve in the New Year. Note I didn’t say hope or wanting, I gave your GOALS definite purpose. When starting to set goals you need to work through a few simple steps: Consider what you want to achieve Set […]Continue Reading


Karen Mercer, a fellow mumsclub Top 100 Business Mum started shock cash mobs in her local town. She was interviewed on BBC News talking about the idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiLneYPdYHU She has invited other Top 100 Business Mums to do the same in their local areas. Loving & working in the Holmfirth area, I fully support this idea […]Continue Reading


More & more we’re hearing how businesses are finding it difficult to engage with their customers on Facebook. We’re all aware by now that just by someone ‘like’ing your business page does not guarantee that everything you post on your wall will be seen in your likers News Feed. So how do we make sure people see […]Continue Reading


Four award-winning business women have teamed up to help the next generation of entrepreneurs. Janet Bebb of Social Progress in Huddersfield, Kate Hardcastle of Insight With Passion also in Huddersfield, Claire Mitchell of Chillipeeps in Ripon and Louise Turner of Your Virtual PR in Wakefield are the only four Yorkshire business women named in the […]Continue Reading


LinkedIn has been rolling out a new feature in the UK over the past few weeks which now means you can endorse your connections for their Skills & Expertise.             Great you might think, this will help to show your worth and build your credibility. But sadly it has a […]Continue Reading


Business Mum Week was created to inspire the growth of UK mum-owned enterprise.  The week was the idea of a fellow business mum and founder of MumsClub, Jane Hopkins MBE with the aim of creating local media interest in mum run businesses and to create more mum-owned businesses. Our very own Janet Bebb, mum of […]Continue Reading