We have something to celebrate; Social Progress is now 5 years old! Wooooooo!! Janet Bebb officially made the leap of faith to set-up and develop her own business back in 2011 and it was at this time of year when she actually went full-time running her own business. Since then she’s honed her social media […]Continue Reading


Thank you to Julie Waite of Julie Waite Marketing for this very informative blog on blogging. Anyone can write a blog, but not everyone can blog brilliantly, and sometimes it’s the little things that people notice – like typos or jargon or a blog that doesn’t look attractive. To give yourself the best possible chance […]Continue Reading


Twitter has been precious about it’s unique 140 character limit for tweets since it launched in 2006. The quick-fire social media platform is famous for it’s short messages often forcing users to use text speak or condense their message to the vital point that they want to make. Because of this, some messages can come […]Continue Reading


The very first Techtrade Yorkshire exhibition was held on Thursday 8th September at Elland Road, Leeds and we were there amongst the many exhibitors at the event. Not only were we exhibiting (at Stand 5) but it was also the official launch of Big Screen Social where we got to see it in action for […]Continue Reading


We have some big news. We mean BIG. No, really REALLY BIG! We would like to introduce you to a brand new product and service form Social Progress… (Cue X Factor voice) Introducing; BIG SCREEN SOCIAL! Big Screen Social is a platform that creatively and visually displays social media posts and images based around a […]Continue Reading


Here at Social Progress we’re no strangers to social media jargon. However, we appreciate that not everyone will understand what we mean when we talk about a “Twitter Wall” or “Instagram Wall”. So, we thought we’d explain “what is a Twitter Wall?” A Twitter Wall is a platform or programme which displays tweets which include […]Continue Reading


On Friday 15th July, Janet and Esther had a “proper” Team photoshoot! But this wasn’t just any corporate photoshoot – this was a John Steel Photography photoshoot! We didn’t want standard photos, we wanted something creative and fun that reflected our personalities. John was perfect for the job! With 2 dress changes, 2 pairs of wellies, […]Continue Reading


We’re highly delighted to announce that today is the launch of a BRAND NEW IDEA for Video Marketing like nothing else out there in the online market place. The revolutionary digital video marketplace, Right Now Video is a collaboration between Janet here at Social Progress, Adam Welsh of Fallen Leaf Web Design & Darren Cox from […]Continue Reading


As explained in our “Social Media for Business Workshops” blog post; social media plays a vital role within the development of a business. It is an extension of the company and allows people to engage with their favourite brands and companies – keeping up to date with their latest news, trends and activity! The social […]Continue Reading


Whilst Janet was on her (well deserved) jolly holiday earlier in June, Esther held the fort at Social Progress HQ. Not only was she managing he client’s social media accounts, responding to enquiries, checking funding applications for clients, eating cake and managing the Social Progress social media too, but she was managing Janet’s emails – […]Continue Reading