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Do you use LinkedIn? It’s a rapidly growing platform and an incredibly powerful tool! Networking is important for building your business and connecting with people within your industry that can add value to you, your business and your network, so being able to do this online can be invaluable. A lot of the recent additions […]Continue Reading


It’s 2019, but this still happens far too much! What is Facebook spam? It might be that you know someone that is a serial Facebook status updater, but that’s up to them, and you can choose who your friends are…BUT, have you ever seen someone posting or sharing a competition that sounds too good to […]Continue Reading


As a business, you may be on various Social Media platforms and try to use them to connect to your primary audience in different ways. If you’re already on Instagram, have you gotten involved in stories yet? If not, maybe you’re still waiting for someone to tell you why they’re a good tool to use […]Continue Reading


Social Media is becoming more and more a visual experience. Instagram is the fastest growing platform out there and continues to dominate with the introduction of Instagram Stories and now, IGTV (Instagram TV). When you’re scrolling through any social feed and you see an image, there’s a good chance you ignore the text that accompanies […]Continue Reading


Have you heard about Pay It Forward Day before? Well, until Janet Bebb mentioned it about 2 weeks ago, neither had I! After she explained the concept and the story of how it came about I it was clear that Pay It Forward is something that Janet is passionate about. So I figured that was a […]Continue Reading


With 2013 just around the corner hopefully your thoughts are turning to what you’re going to achieve in the New Year. Note I didn’t say hope or wanting, I gave your GOALS definite purpose. When starting to set goals you need to work through a few simple steps: Consider what you want to achieve Set […]Continue Reading


Business Mum Week was created to inspire the growth of UK mum-owned enterprise.  The week was the idea of a fellow business mum and founder of MumsClub, Jane Hopkins MBE with the aim of creating local media interest in mum run businesses and to create more mum-owned businesses. Our very own Janet Bebb, mum of […]Continue Reading


Ever done a Spartan Race? Well, if you can you should! On Sunday 12 August I headed up to Ripon with 9 friends to take on this MIGHTY challenge. We were a group of ordinary women from all walks of life. Some young, some (ahhmm – ME) not so young. Did we know what we […]Continue Reading


Well I delivered my first external presentation on the value, benefits, hints, tips and myths surrounding LinkedIn to a group of individual who in the main had less than 50 first connections. To say they were blown away by what this online tool can do for them and thier business is an understatement. Part of […]Continue Reading