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Mmmm, well are you? Have you been seeing more ads in your Messenger feed lately, I know I have? Do I open them? Sometimes, and apparently more so than campaigns sent to my email address. And I’m seeing less of those since the whole GDPR opt-in thing last year! Speaking of which, how does this […]Continue Reading


If you’re active online, and who isn’t these days, you’ve very likely had an interaction with a chatbot. Don’t be afraid, but they are everywhere! We asked our resident ‘girl geek’, Mel Constantinou to explain about the latest social media technological integration, Chatbots! So here you have it…… “My latest tech challenge, I’m still waiting […]Continue Reading


Janet’s just returned from a two day trip to Facebook in Dublin for the #SheMeansBusiness programme (more to come about this in a later blog post) and in the process has picked up lots of hints & tips on how to get more from Facebook & Instagram from the social media gurus themselves! One cool […]Continue Reading