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Luis’ first Year at Social Progress It’s been one year since I began working at Social Progress, which has absolutely flown by! Leading up to my role here, I was out of work and becoming despondent with my applications after many rejections, so to get to this point is a big deal for me, not […]Continue Reading


Taking flight You haven’t read that wrong! I (Luis) am now a permitted drone operator! Drones have made the news headlines recently and for all the wrong reasons. I have always had a fascination with video and video creation as well as photography, which was intensified when I started cycling and has grown ever since. […]Continue Reading


Facebook has begun rolling out 3D photo upload capability from your mobile phone and here at Social Progress we’re very excited about that. But it’s not yet available to everyone. If you have an iPhone with dual-lens camera, which has been in place since the iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll be able to use this new […]Continue Reading


Hello everybody, greetings from Mel in super sunny rural France! (Janet – For those of you who don’t know, Mel lives & works in France. She manages the social media accounts for some of our clients, set up social media accounts, completes reviews, writes some of our blogs and a whole host of other things. […]Continue Reading


On Friday 15th July, Janet and Esther had a “proper” Team photoshoot! But this wasn’t just any corporate photoshoot – this was a John Steel Photography photoshoot! We didn’t want standard photos, we wanted something creative and fun that reflected our personalities. John was perfect for the job! With 2 dress changes, 2 pairs of wellies, […]Continue Reading


Following on from the guest blog that Esther did a while back about “Instagram for Business: 5 Top Tips”, she thought she’d share with you some examples from her personal Instagram account (as a general follower – not a Social Progress Ltd social media manager). So here is “Instagram for Business (Continued)” by Esther Orridge @estherorridge… Below […]Continue Reading


Are you familiar with the wonderful and shiny world of Instagram? As a social media consultancy we provide both social media content management for various businesses, as well as consultancy and training on the various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more). Instagram is one of the extra platforms which can benefit many companies – it’s […]Continue Reading