Esther has been working with National Business College staff Tania, Sophie and Fiona to drag their Social Media (or lack of) kicking and screaming into the 21st century!

Admittedly alongside simply “not getting it” the ain “lack of” was due to bad previous advice, which had frightened the business owners into burying their head in the sand about social media.

The turning point was a 121 between Esther, Fiona and cake! Esther explained what she could do and how Fiona could relay this information to the owners, along with the available grant.

Hurrahhh! Kirklees Grant and the business owner’s commitment secured – the training began.

Fiona and Sophie skipped through the doors of Social progress and then Tania followed optimistically wondering what on earth she could possible learn after doing social media training in the past.

Esther delivered an engaging and informative session to all in the room and when the training finished, all 3 of were raring to go full of ideas of what to do (and more importantly what not to do) to promote the business on a variety of platforms. Fiona is now struggling to keep Tania’s newfound excitement about social media at an acceptable level!

Training is still ongoing and Esther’s support, just like her enthusiasm for cake has been #amazing. National Business College cannot recommend the training provided by Esther enough, and coming from a training company those are words we do not use lightly!

To @SocialProgress and @NBCLearining – #WE GET IT NOW!!!!

Fiona Woods, IQA / Business Assessor – National Business College