We are an SME (Springhill Water Services) and we have been in business for 10 years. I would class myself as computer literate (BSc in Information for Business Systems) and have a Masters in Civil Engineering.

1. Prior to my mentoring sessions with Janet, I knew very little about Social Media Marketing (SMM). It’s an area of the internet I had hoped would go away. But, it has not, so I have had to galvanise myself and dip a reluctant toe in the water.

2. With Janet’s guidance, I have embarked on a major push in SMM, as I am convinced it is here to stay – like it or not.

3. In 3 two hour sessions, Janet has managed to help me build a Social Media presence, albeit limited at the moment. Progress is limited by my brains reluctance to understand what it’s all about. Slowly, it’s starting to make sense – one day, the penny might actually drop.

4. Janet is helping me identify the relevant SMM platforms and is guiding me through the set up and the protocols of interactions with others. (Don’t Tweet / Facebook when under the influence of alcohol for instance – it can be lethal).

5. Janet demonstrates a high level of business knowledge and understands the needs of our business. She is user friendly.

6. My ultimate aim, with Janet’s continued help, is to create the foundations on which others can take over the day to communications via SMM. However, I am determined to understand the basics so that i can monitor our progress remotely – my partner and I have a place in Spain and i hope to spend more time there in the coming years.

7. On the back of my conversations with Janet, I am creating a new on-line business and will be building SMM into the “fabric’ of the site. Janet’s input at this stage is invaluable and I have grown to trust her instincts.


Janet is able to communicate at a number of levels. She is patient when dealing with the “numpty’ questions (of which i have had plenty) and she is able to speak in more detail about the areas of SMM I feel comfortable with (the list grows every day).

SMM is an elephant that I am going to have to eat, one bite at a time. Without guidance, I would lose my motivation quickly, as it’s easy to get stuck. I need inspiration at times and no one else in the business is prepared to invest the time and effort needed to understand SMM.

Based on my needs and Janet’s ability to address them,  I can recommend her services without hesitation.


Geoff Nemec MSc, MCIWEM, CEnv