After joining the Ascensor team I was somewhat forced/advised to get a LinkedIn profile. I did, I uploaded my picture, filled out a few sections and connected with a few people here and there. Then, I ignored it. As I advice people every day on how they can make their website better I thought it would be best that I got familiar with LinkedIn, as I was to find out it is a vital tool for all businesses. The lady who I knew could help me here was Janet.

I booked on to do the Blogging and LinkedIn training day with Janet as my objective was to learn how to use LinkedIn as another sales platform if you will, how to help get Ascensor out there and make it easy for people to get in touch.

Janet’s knowledge is brilliant. The training was done in such a way that we were able to digest as much as the information as possible. We were set small activities to complete in groups, which was a great way to Network and learn at the same time.

I was so impressed by Janet’s knowledge; at Ascensor we whole heartedly offer Janet’s services to our clients as I am 100%confident she is able to help them.

Thank you for all your help Janet,