There are many businesses that offer companies the opportunity to raise their social profile, so why did we come to you? Well that is simple…

1. We had heard very good things about you- people that I know, like and trust sang your praises and I value their opinion

2. We had come across you at various networking events and although you don’t get chance to spend a lot of time together at those, you were always friendly and approachable. It’s also not always easy to be remembered at those events- but your friendliness and the fact you weren’t pushing your services onto me was brilliant

3. You were at school when computers weren’t invented- like me. This means you know the uphill struggle that you face when technology and social media are not part of your life growing up, so you got it- you explained in a way that I didn’t feel embarrassed or a bit behind with my thinking and processes

4. You got to know us and the business- how can anyone work on social media if you don’t know what you are all about- and you got us

5. It wasn’t just when you did the work with us, you have offered support after and ensure that we are aware of any new workshops that you have running- we have to keep up with this type of marketing and you make sure we can

Would I recommend you? Yes, without a doubt and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done to help our business grow

Kind regards,

Helen Ashcroft – Purple Dog Ltd