Top 10 reasons to recommend ‘Janet Bebb – Social Progress’ (in no particular order!)

  1. Affordable – the courses I attended were part funded as Social Progress clearly know how to access available funding for business training.
  2. Specialist – Janet has a proven track record in the area of social media and business support
  3. Word of mouth – I wouldn’t have known about Social Progress without being given a recommendation by another business owner (who in turn had received a recommendation by a course delegate)
  4. Absence of jargon – all resources are clear and easy to understand
  5. Interested – Janet had taken the time to research my business, and my current social media position.
  6. Relaxed – Ever been on a course and wished you were somewhere else? I can honestly say that the time flew and every element of the training was relevant to my business. Janet is a clear, concise and straight talking lady, who shares her wealth of experience.
  7. Interactive – so far I’ve attended Blogging/LinkedIn – Facebook/Twitter and although I’m not a complete novice I found the training effective in terms of ‘live’ online content.
  8. Back up – the team at Social Progress are quick to answer any questions and provide resources
  9. Accessability – with a number of sessions in and around West Yorkshire at prime sites, I was able to choose a venue suitable for me.
  10. Nothing to lose and everything to gain – yes of course there are numerous avenues for business training in this digital age, but if you’d like a course that’s relaxed, informative and thoroughly enjoyable then give ‘Social Progress’ a go!