I would like to thoroughly recommend the services Janet provides. Not only is her training excellent, she also really makes an effort to get to know you and your business personally. She therefore ensures that the training is bespoke to your needs.

When Janet gives her training she allows plenty of time for you to ask questions pertinent to your business and discusses how you can apply what she has taught to help promote it. She is very creative in suggesting ways to generate interest in your business.

What is special about Janet is that she will go out of her way to help you. She will give you time and really listen to you. She will give you valuable advice regarding strategies to advance your business, in addition to the effective use of social media. I have found that if you ask her for help she is very forthcoming and you don’t have to wait long for a response.

Janet is also very good at connecting businesses that can help each other. Because she listens to you, she is very quick to consider how another business can complement yours and vice-versa. I have found this extremely helpful in developing good connections to not only service my business, but also gain customers.

I think what you’ll find with Janet is that she is a very ethical businesswoman. She obviously has to make her own living, but recognises that other people have to too. She will therefore provide her service to you in a very straightforward manner, but will also help you in any way she can. She has associates herself with like-minded business people so that if she recommends someone to you, you can be sure of what service they can provide you with. Because she instils the same ethics in her team, you can be sure to rely on their support too.

I highly recommend her.

Karen Goode,

Yorkshire Education Service –Professional Private Tutors