Careers Events at Carr Manor and Cockburn School

On behalf of Leeds Ahead, we’d like to thank Social Progress for participating in the Careers Events at Carr Manor and Cockburn School in October. Businesses have supported seven Careers Events over a six week period and helped over 1250 pupils. We’d like to take the opportunity to pass on our gratitude to Social Progress for helping make these events a great success.

At the Carr Manor Careers Event, attendance of businesses benefited over 160 Year 11 students. These students will be choosing their future education and career paths from July 2013, and sharing your knowledge of the skills and qualifications required by businesses will help them make informed decisions. Students were very enthusiastic about the event and felt they were given an insight into the options they face in choosing a career.

Marion Francis – IAG Manager at Carr Manor Community School – said, “Thanks to everyone who took part in this fantastic event – all the businesses interacted well with the young people, who were talking about it for days afterward – a sure sign that it was a great success and that it made an impact on them.”.

Cockburn School focused on a marketplace event for 400 of their Year 10 and 11 students; this was our biggest Careers Event to date and was a huge success with the pupils and school alike. Each business stand was surrounded by students asking a range of questions and we wanted to express how grateful we are to you for being enthusiastic and positive throughout the busy afternoon.

Your support at events such as this is invaluable and we could not have such a strong impact without your knowledge and breadth of experience. By attending an event and representing your industry, you really helped to open the students’ eyes to the opportunities available to them, and careers they hadn’t previously considered. You helped to demonstrate to the students that each business has a variety of job roles and that with the right attitude and achievement they can succeed.

Thank you once again for all your support and enthusiasm at the Careers Events. We hope that you found it enjoyable and we look forward to hopefully working with you again in the future.