Up to 80% of online content is now video and people watch video 5 times longer than a static post on Facebook; whether it’s high quality professional production or mobile based. It’s more than probable that if you’ve logged into your social media accounts in the last few hours, you’ve seen a short video clip in there somewhere, whether it’s via Instagram stories or just in a social feed.

Video content is more engaging and more informative and there are stats to suggest it leads to more conversions, especially if it’s done the right way. As social media specialists, it is only right that we are able to offer a video production service.

Social Progress can offer video production in order to enhance your social media presence, as well as standalone features that you might want for your website. From vlogs, to interviews, to brand promotion and storytelling or capturing live events, Social Progress is able to assist with your creative video needs. In addition, we are able to offer aerial videography with drone footage and photography, which can be included within your production.

We can help you to plan and create the video you want, to tell your story or showcase your business using the latest editing software and capturing high quality footage for compelling content. If ytou’d like to know more then email us at info@socialprogress.co.uk or give us a call on 01484 506336