What does a social media consultant do?

We like to think we can add real value to your existing on and offline marketing & business development strategies. We look at how using these tools can help you get competitive advantage and debunk some myths at the same time.

We will work with you to make sure that what we are working on really does work and fits into your other objectives.  Once we have got you up and running you can also consider our other support services should you need additional support.

SME & Sole Traders

We offer differing levels of support – often dependent on budget and time. To make it easy for you to choose what level of support you need we’ve split these into 3 packages and added in the costs to make it as transparent as possible. These packages suit businesses from 1 to 9 employees.


This is a simple way of getting you up and running. We’ll work with you to help analyse which of the social media tools are best for your business and then set up them up for you. This could be your LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter Account, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile, Google+ or Pinterest.

Priced at £249 for set up & optimization of three platforms (£75 per additional profile)


We work with Sole Traders & Small Traders on a one-to-one basis to help you clearly understand social media for your business. We walk & talk you through each platform in a series of 2 hour sessions. You might only need one, two or maybe three sessions. Or you could have one session & then book another in a few months time when you’ve got to grips with the platforms a bit better. We don’t mind. All we want is for you to know what you’re doing with social media. And we won’t prolong the work. If you’ve got it, we’ll tell you.

Priced at £150 for a 2 hour session


We complete a full analysis of your current website and how your current social media tools integrate with your business objectives. We then write you a report & then sit down for half a day with you at your business to talk it through. We’ll make recommendations on how you can tweak the platforms to improve your online presence, increase your sales etc so you are much more confident in their use and can see the benefit.

Priced from £495


This is a comprehensive package and covers:

  • Understanding the benefits of social media and what they mean for your business
  • Planning social media strategy, strategies and campaigns
  • Writing and implementing a social media marketing plan
  • Engaging audiences & building online communities
  • Measuring your Social Media ROI (rather than counting followers or hits)
  • Training your staff and teams to use Social Media – including 4 half day sessions on each of the main platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogging)
  • Social Media Monitoring & the benefits of listening
  • Understanding the risks in being involved (or not involved)

Priced at £1495 (over a period of six weeks)

Large Companies

If you are a large business or have over 9 employees we have a fabulous package that you pick and choose from, depending on your need. We will spend a day with you to make sure you and your staff feel confident using social media – and more importantly can see the benefit of why you are using the tools. Choose from:

Social Media Strategy

We’ll work with you to help write – or integrate a social media strategy as part of your marketing mix and help identify where opportunities lie.

Setting Policy & Training

We’ve got some great advice on how to manage what your staff are saying online and can help shape your policy. We can also train staff on how to use the tools effectively.

Social Media Crisis

It’s not just celebrities that get taken to court over tweets and posts; businesses are equally liable. We’ll help you manage your online reputation and if the worst does happen, what to do in a crisis.

Using social media in B2B

There is a wealth of opportunity out there for the taking – but you need to use these tools effectively. We’ll advise on which works best for you.

How social media helps improve visibility

We can show you how these tools raise the profile of your own website – and in turn your business profile.

Creating conversations

It is an art. But it’s an art we are willing to share. Creating interesting, relevant content needn’t seem as onerous a task as you might think.

Discovering your audience

We’ll help you identify who you need to be speaking to, where they ‘hang out’ and make sure you speak to the right people.

We will agree what your social media objectives are ahead of our visit so that we can tailor-make our day with you. Prices start from as little as £380

Please contact us to discuss your needs.