Date(s) - 07/08/2019
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Social Progress Ltd


Social Progress Ltd - Open Workshops Programme 2019 - Social Media Training - Blogging

Do you feel you need to have a better understanding of how to create effective content for web, social media & blogging? In order to run a successful advertising or social media campaign you need to have relevant and engaging content to go with and underpin it. Without content there will be no context or connection with the audience. This workshop will inspire you to plan in advance and give you ideas as to where and how you can generate content for your own social media campaigns, websites and blogs.

Social Progress Ltd - Open Workshops Programme 2019 - Social Media Training - BloggingOverview

  • What is a blog?
  • What is blogging and why should we do it?
  • How is blogging done effectively?
  • Including others in the development of content
  • Reaching a wider audience through blogging, social media & web content
  • Content marketing progress
  • Techniques for creating the perfect headline
  • Impactful content structure
  • Building credibility
  • Content process
  • Writing styles and the power of storytelling
  • Formats – text, graphics, images, photos, video content


Business Benefits

  • Delegates will have a better understanding of what a blog is and the benefits of having an active blog for their business
  • How to create effective content for blogging
  • How content affects search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Know what to include in copy to keep customers coming back for more
  • Source content quickly, effectively & accurately
  • Learn how to work with others to increase your online presence
  • Show professional worth, give visibility, accessibility & credibility
  • Engage with a new audience by building a presence online
  • Communicate with existing customers, develop those relationships, increase sales
  • Build trust, be open and transparent as a business
  • Become more proactive in sourcing new business through prospects and customers

 Social Progress Ltd - Social Media Workshops 2019


Training Format

  • Presentations by the trainer
  • Practical individual tasks for delegates
  • Group work activities
  • Film clips on related topics
  • Action plan to work through in the workplace
  • For up to 6 delegates


Workshop Dates:Social Progress Ltd - Social Media Training - Open Workshops Programme Download

  • Thursday 25th April (9:30am – 12:30pm)
  • Wednesday 7th August (1:30pm-4:30pm)
  • Thursday 28th November (9:30pm – 12:30pm)


£65 + VAT per half day workshop (per delegate, per workshop).



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